Welcome to vc: Virtual Content

vc is a digital art project by North East England-based British/Australian software engineer Alex Moon.

Combining existing AI/machine learning technologies to create explorable dream worlds, vc is a series of short videos which bring a poetic touch to the emerging form. Each piece is crafted with care, and the results are like nothing you've seen.

Support the project

If you'd like to donate some cash toward the development of the vc codebase, buy vc NFTs on objkt.com or sign up as a supporter on Patreon.


This app leans heavily on code from the following fellow hackers. We would like to thank them for making their code available.

These works are built on the following AI stack. We would like to thank the authors for making their code available.

Works created prior to Friday 8 October 2021 used the following in place of DPT and ESRGAN.